Moya Ukraine Inc
Moya Ukraine Inc

X-Trail for the Armed Forces

80th Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine needed a 4×4 vehicle with a diesel engine and manual gearbox. We could not stand aside and supported the project financially.

Good that we managed to find the proper car, a reliable seller, and a good friend to bring the car to Ukraine.

We also made additional inspections and repairs of the vehicle at the service station in Ukraine to make sure that it is absolutely ready for any challenge on the frontline. Besides, we also added a special metal trunk to make it easier for Ukrainian soldiers to transfer equipment, 4 extra wheels, canisters, pump, and spare parts.

There was much space in the car, so we decided to add some gifts: thermal imagers, night vision, binoculars, walkie-talkies, and medicine, including tourniquets, tactical stretchers, hemostatic bandages, and first-aid kits.

To make soldiers a little happier we also put homemade Ukrainian dumplings 🙂