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Moya Ukraine Inc

About us

Euro-Maidan Revolution. The start of our voluntary activities

We started our voluntary activities in 2014 when the Revolution of Dignity started in Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians, both civil and soldiers, needed critical support because of the undeclared war, which began between Ukrainian forces on one side, and separatists intermingled with Russian troops on the other.

Ukrainian Warriors need our help

At first, we started supporting Ukrainian soldiers who basically needed everything, starting from shoes and uniforms, and ending with medicine.

For many years Russia-oriented president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych made his best to destroy the Ukrainian Army’s capability to protect the country from invasion. As a result, Ukrainian warriors had very poor uniforms, shoes, ammunition, protection equipment, etc.

We shipped hundreds of parcels with so critically needed items to our Ukrainian warriors!

Better future for EVERY child

When we received positive feedback from the soldiers that they are equipped much better, another matter occurred – Ukrainian children who lost their fathers!

Hundreds and thousands of young girls and boys lost their beloved fathers because of Russian aggression. And we could not stand aside!

We started as “Orphans of Maidan & ATO” organization and provided financial support to many families with orphans children.

Focus on the individual approach

Thanks to the donations and volunteers on the ground, we organized many events for the children in Ukraine:

  • Saint Nicholas event each year with many gifts and entertainment
  • Chocolate event where kids learned how to make chocolate on their own
  • Leisure and recreation day with velomobiles, roller-skates, bicycles, football, ping-pong, rope park, and giant swing
  • Visited ZOO “Limpopo” and ended the day with a picnic

In our work with families, we tried to have an individual approach as much as possible. Some families needed school supplies for the kids and some needed improvement of living conditions. And there was nothing more important for us than to provide as much care and support as possible for Ukrainian families.

Rehabilitation for severely wounded Ukrainian soldiers

In parallel, medical care, and rehabilitation in the US for severely wounded Ukrainian soldiers were organized.

The most difficult work for us as volunteers was to provide all possible help to seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers. In 2014, four Ukrainian soldiers were treated in our state of Connecticut and the volunteers had to organize their care.

One of the wounded soldiers, Roman, underwent a very difficult surgery and fought for his life for half a year. In 2016 Roman passed away. It was the hardest emotional and physical work, we’ve ever had.

The war against all democratic world

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This time, it is an open war against freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine! The tragic events in Ukraine are heartbreaking as many suffer from war and fear.

It is a war against all democratic world, which changed the everyday lives of all of us.

From the very first day, we continued our work to support Ukrainian soldiers, families, and children, to build a better, democratic society with dignity and justice for all! And we will never stop our mission!

Let’s make a change TOGETHER

Moya Ukraine means “My Ukraine” in Ukrainian.

We invite you to get to know our organization better and work together with us to provide as much support to Ukraine as possible! There is no limit to what the power of love can do!

We wish you and your closest ones peace and grace!

Moya Ukraine Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Connecticut, USA.