Moya Ukraine Inc
Moya Ukraine Inc

Kharkiv, Ukraine is with you

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Today was even better, but we will talk about today a little bit later.

Yesterday we managed to organize about 5 tons of humanitarian aid for children and mothers of Kharkiv. Kharkiv is not the only one which suffered, but it is hit the hardest. The aid includes medicines, baby food, food, hygiene products, and clothes.

This cargo will be received in a few hours. We are very grateful to the very active citizens of Lviv, volunteers, and everyone who helped to form the first shipment to Kharkiv. We are even more grateful to the brave volunteers of Kharkiv, who will soon deliver aid to those in need. These boys and girls will do an equally important job. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

We continue to work, so join! Kharkiv, Ukraine is with you! #STANDforUkraine