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Moya Ukraine Inc

Two young girls from Odessa city

We received an urgent request to help two young girls Alina and Violetta.

Girls are from Odessa city and have no parents. They lived together with other children in an orphanage in Odessa city.

When the evacuation of children and teachers from Odesa’s orphanage to Poland took place, it was not possible to take Alina and Violetta together with all the children at once. Therefore, the two girls stayed in Odessa.

Thanks to the local volunteers, two girls reached Lviv city by train. Our task was to meet the girls and deliver them to Poland.

Fortunately, the girls reached Lviv safely. Because it was a time of constant bombardment of Ukrainian cities.

We met the girls late at night at the train station in Lviv and took them to have a rest at our volunteer’s home in Lviv. The girls had a late, but hot dinner and went to bed to rest after the hard journey.

The next day, our volunteer took Alina and Violetta to the border with Poland. It was also quite a challenge, as the traffic queue at the border was very long. But we managed to organize the delivery of the girls to the very border with Poland thanks to good people and good relations.

We also made sure to find a responsible person who will meet the girls on the territory of Poland and deliver them to other children and the teacher. By the way, the volunteer who met the girls in Poland was an American. We were very impressed by how actively he is helping Ukrainians on the territory of Poland.

Late-night of the same day, the girls were already safe with other children and the teacher.

We are very glad that this story had a happy ending 💙💛