Moya Ukraine Inc
Moya Ukraine Inc

The first innovative wood stove for 80th Air Assault Brigade

It’s becoming colder and colder and we need to support Ukrainian warriors on the frontline!

That is why we found an innovative wood stove! It is portable, 100% Titanium, and with Chimney Pipe which can be used for heating and cooking as well.

The weight of this wood stove is just 1.6kg (3.55 lb)! and this includes the pipe.

We have already successfully delivered this wood stove to the 80th Air Assault Brigade 🙂

After a positive field test, we have ordered more of these wood stoves! Join us to order more of these for our Ukrainian soldiers!

Together with the wood stove we also delivered:

  • spare parts for drones
  • tourniquets
  • hand warmers
  • thermal underwear and boots.