Moya Ukraine Inc
Moya Ukraine Inc

Humanitarian aid for people of Kharkiv city

March 2022. Strong Ukrainian volunteers dedicated this month to providing humanitarian aid for children, mothers, and elderly people of Kharkiv city. And we are grateful to be a part of this project by supporting it financially.

Kharkiv was not the only city that suffered from the bombing, but it was hit very hard at the beginning. The need for child nutrition and medicine was critical!

Around 300 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to Kharkiv in March 2022.

The aid included medicines, baby food, food, hygiene products, clothes, and food for animals. These cargos were delivered by brave drivers who did not refuse to take such a dangerous road and made it safe!

We are very grateful to the very active citizens of Lviv, volunteers, and everyone who helped to form the first and all the rest of the shipments to Kharkiv.

We are even more grateful to the brave volunteers of Kharkiv, who later delivered aid to those in need. These boys and girls did very important jobs. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

Watch a short video on how volunteers prepare the next batch of aid for people of Kharkiv city: