Moya Ukraine Inc
Moya Ukraine Inc

Bandera Power

Bandera Power is the name of our recently completed project for Ukrainian Soldiers 👊🏻

It is a multi-channel fast charging unit, which is designed for long-term maintenance of radios, thermal imagers, tablets, drones, phones, and other equipment.

In other words, it’s a big power bank.

The reconnaissance platoon needed one such unit and we are happy that we managed to complete the request!

It is also great that we found the manufacturer of such multi-channel fast-charging units in Ukraine. The company name is Promautomatica, it is located in Vinnytsia city and no matter the war people continue to work!

Purchasing equipment from a Ukrainian manufacturer also helped to support local producer and people working in the company.

Thanks to our friend Petro Holiava we also purchased Assault Backpacks, Tactical Tablet Cases, Medical Kits, and Memory Cards which are needed while working with drones.

Delivery to the frontline is completed 🙂