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Family of Myroslav Stolyarchuk

Myroslav Stolyarchuk was a soldier of the special police unit of the National Police of Ukraine in Volyn district called “Svitjaz”. He died on August 29, 2014, passing through the so-called “green corridor”, in order to escape from the trap after the battle near Ilovaisk.

There were five other soldiers besides Myroslav in the bus and none of them survived after it was hit by a shell. After his tragic death, Myroslav left behind his two children in two marriages.

Huge efforts were done to find the soldier´s body to have it transported to his relatives as he was buried by mistake under the wrong name in Vinnytsa.

Myroslav´s younger daughter is 6 years old now. She is keen on sports and attends rhythmic gymnastics. Orphan Children of Maidan & ATO together with the local volunteers bought the needed sporting tools for her training. Kalyna expressed her sincere gratitude to everyone with her performance.