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Family of Alexander Galas

Alexander Galas (born in Ivanychi, Volyn district) was a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who has been serving his duty in ATO during the second level of mobilization for a year and a half. After demobilization, he obtained the title “major” and signed a new contract to continue defending Ukraine.

On May 6, 2016, he congratulated brave women who managed to welcome their sons back home from ATO. Nobody could even imagine that this would be the last speech of Alexander. On the same day he died, although in a couple of days he planned to go to the Eastern part of Ukraine to continue his military order.

After his tragic death, Alexander left behind his wife and his 13-year-old son Dmytro.

Alexander’s son has been dreaming of a smartphone for a long period of time. Orphan Children of Maidan & ATO shared costs with the local volunteers to buy the present of his dreams.