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Two families from Ternopil region

This time we had a meeting with two families from Ternopil region – Yatsunda and Slobodyan families.

Ihor Yatsunda was born in Ptysivtsi village (Zboriv area). His wife and two sons were waiting for him to return from war. Ihor was serving in the artillery division in the Luhansk region, near Severodonetsk. His friends say that despite the fact that Ihor was a contract soldier, his first priority was to defend the motherland.

The sons of the hero, Denys and Sashko, are very much into football and dream of a vacation at the seaside.

Petro Slobodyan was born in Shypivtsi village (Zalishchyky area). His children Vasyl and Mariya, as well as his beloved wife, were waiting for him to return home safely. Maria dreams of a new laptop and hopes that one day her dream will come true.

Both families are sincerely grateful for the support!