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Story of Maksym Dumov

Recently, we have heard about the heart-melting story of Maksym Dumov who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Wearing a medical face mask, he sits on the hospital bed next to the only person who didn’t leave him – his grandma. Maksym’s father left even before his birth, and his mother abandoned him when he was only two weeks old. “She got up and left. She said:” Sorry, I can’t.” And she left him with me. Besides me, nobody cares about him.” – says Maksym’s grandmother Valentyna Barkaya.

She sold everything she could. She has been asking for donations in order to pay for Maksym’s treatment and managed to achieve a sustained remission. However, in November 2016, the boy was hospitalized again with a bone marrow relapse.  Now he receives high doses of chemotherapy and his body is struggling to tolerate it.

Maksym’s grandmother has no other choice than to ask for help. If she gathers enough money to buy all medicines, Maksym will get a chance to recover. As doctors say, the chances are very high. Maksym hopes that kind people will save his life and he will be able to grow up and work.

When we learned about Maksym’s story, we could not stay aside. We hope that our modest donation will help to achieve the big goal. More information about this story is available here