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Family of Yaroslav Stashkiv

Yaroslav Stashkiv was born in Shchepaniv village (Ternopil region) and was a soldier of the Aydar battalion. He was an active participant in the Maidan revolution and volunteered to defend Ukraine when the war started.

He was killed on December 2, 2014, near the Shchastia village. Yaroslav died as a hero, defending his motherland.

After his death, Yaroslav left behind his two sons, 17-year-old Vitaliy and 6-year-old Petro.

Vitaliy lives with his mother in Drahanivka village near Ternopil. The boy suffers from a severe form of infantile cerebral paralysis.  Of course, Vitaliy has a lot of dreams, but unfortunately, he can’t voice them. The family is in constant need of diapers.

Yaroslav’s younger son Petro lives with his mother in Vyshneve (Kyiv region). The boy enjoys boxing and judo, and dreams of a robot and a radio-controlled motorcycle. The family is in need of winter clothes. We met with both boys and their mothers to support them.