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Family of Viktor Khmeletsky

Anastasiya Khmeletska is the daughter of the Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Viktor Khmeletsky. He died on July 28, 2014, in a mortar attack during the raid on Savur Mohyla near Saurivka village, Donetsk region.

Anastasiya lives in Volodymyr-Volynsky and has recently turned 12. The girl dreamt of a tablet on which she could read e-books, download electronic textbooks, and learn English via various apps.

Anastasiya is an excellent student and is already in the 7th grade. Her favorite subjects are mathematics, the Ukrainian language and the English language. Despite her young age, the girl has already decided on her future profession. She wants to become a lawyer to fight corruption and help Ukrainians live happy lives.

Local volunteers from the organization “Metsenaty dlya soldata” met with Anastasiya to give her the tablet of her dream. We are happy that Orphan Children of Maidan & ATO had an opportunity to share the costs of this gift. Anastasiya is sincerely grateful for making her longtime dream come true!