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Family of Vasyl Zelinskyy

Vasyl Zelinskyy, a reconnoiter of the 51st brigade, died on August 29, 2014, passing through the so-called “green corridor”, in order to escape from the trap after the battle near Ilovaisk.

He had two kids who live and study in Romaniv village, Volyn region. Dmytro is a third grader and dreams of becoming a train engineer.  Yulia is in 7th grade and likes sports and the English language. She sees herself as an athlete or a detective in the future. Just like her father, Yulia has good skills in football and knows all the footballers of Dynamo Kyiv.

Their mother Alla does her best to provide for the children and is trying to repair their apartment. Unfortunately, the money that the family has, is only enough for food, clothing, and utilities. Therefore, they did not even dream of a vacation abroad.

When they got such an offer from the local volunteers, they didn’t have traveling passports or money to apply for them. Therefore, we decided to donate money for the passports and other expenses during their preparation for a trip to the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. The family is sincerely grateful for the help and support!