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Family of Vasyl Rivnyy

Vasyl Rivnyy was born in 1975 in Ternopil region and started serving in the Army on May 4, 2014, in a separate mechanized brigade #30 in the Donetsk region.

Unfortunately, on May 12, 2015, Vasyl suffered heavy mine-blast trauma to all parts of the body – head, neck, legs, and hands. Many mine-blast fragmentations are still inside his body and make him hurt a lot. But it is very dangerous for his health to remove these fragmentations.

Vasyl has a disability (3rd group) and moves around with the help of orthosis. At the same time, Vasyl is the father of four wonderful boys. Despite the fact that Vasyl barely survived, his eldest son Andriy decided to serve Ukraine and signed a contract with Ukrainian Army when he was 18 years old. Right now, Andriy serves as a gunner in the East of Ukraine.

Vasyl Rivnyy never gives up! Having heavy injuries and pains and even losing consciousness from time to time he goes to work every day. Together with his wife he brings up 3 very young sons and takes care of a large farm household. The family is sincerely grateful for the financial help and support!