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Family of Serhiy Smirnov

Serhiy Smirnov was a warrant officer of the 51st separate mechanized brigade. He went missing after the escape from the Ilovaisk trap. Only after nine months his body was found and returned to Volodymyr Volynskyy for a respectable funeral.

After his death, the Hero left behind his wife and two beautiful daughters. The whole family of Smirnov is very talented and creative. His widow Iryna works as a teacher of fine art. After the tragic death of her husband, she began to embroider with satin ribbons. She really enjoys it and has many orders, therefore Iryna started her own studio.

Both daughters got the “creative” family genes. The older daughter Christina paints. She created a unique series “TinaKindnessGirls” and her first postcards. Click here to read the article about this story.

Her younger sister Alina takes her first steps as a singer. A truly special and memorable event for Alina was her performance at the Rivne landfill for the military who came for rotation. There she met her father’s friends. When she was singing a song that she dedicated to her father, all the men stood up and couldn’t hold back their tears. Alina will never forget this trip!

Orphan Children of Maidan & ATO together with the local volunteers, decided to make some of Christina’s and Alina’s dreams come true. Alina received the sneakers she really wanted to have. And for Christina, we published the postcards with her great paintings.  The family is sincerely grateful for the support!