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Family of Oleksiy Shepelyuk

Major Oleksiy Shepelyuk was a commander of a battalion of the 51st separate mechanized brigade. He died in the early hours of August 25, 2014, in the battle for Ilovajsk (Donetsk region). He had 5 children in 2 marriages.

Oleksiy’s eldest son Denys is 16 years old. He studies at Novovolynsk College to be an electrical technician. After his second year of studies, the boy wants to go to a military school. He has never been abroad and his family lives in a village, with a moderate income.

However, thanks to the efforts of volunteers, Denys has the opportunity to visit another country and go to the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. The only condition is the availability of a biometric traveling passport which Denys never had. Unfortunately, the family did not have money to apply for a passport. Therefore, we decided to help them and make a great surprise for Denys.

We transferred money for the passport and other preparations for the trip, thereby helping Denys to get unforgettable impressions while going on his first vacation abroad! The family is sincerely grateful for the help and support!