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Family of Oleksandr Hroshev

Oleksandr Hroshev was a famous “cyborg” from the 80th Lviv Aeromobile Brigade. He went missing in January 2015 at the Donetsk airport.

The search for the missing soldier lasted for five months, after which his family received a bitter notice that his body was identified with a DNA test. The deceased 30-year-old Oleksandr was born in Holovne village, Volyn region. In his first marriage, Oleksandr had three children: Marharyta, Diana, and Mykhailo.

The family is very friendly, modest, and hardworking. In general, they have a quite small income. They do not have their own home, so the children and their mother Nina live together with their relatives in a house with no amenities. Unfortunately, Nina has another problem – she can barely hear. She uses an osteophone but it doesn’t really help. She has learned to read lips and guess what the others are saying.

Orphan Children of Maidan & ATO together with the local volunteers decided to make some of the children’s dreams come true. The girls received a Malamute puppy, and the boy received a bike. The family is sincerely grateful for the support!