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Family of Oleh Halatiuk

Oleh Halatiuk was a junior sergeant of the 58th individual mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He served in an intelligence platoon and died tragically in the early hours of December 22, 2015, near Novobakhmutivka village, Donetsk region.

He was killed in an explosion of a tripwire actuated mine during the battle with the Russian invaders.

Oleh had two children from two marriages. We met his wife Galyna in Lutsk city (Volyn region). She has been struggling to come to terms with her grief. After the loss of her husband, she has to solely take care of their little daughter Arina who has special needs.

The girl has an inborn condition of her legs – a dislocation of the hip joint on one leg and dysplasia of the other leg. Therefore, for one year Arina had to wear a special orthopedic splint. At present, she has to wear specialized footwear, which is quite expensive.

To have her hip properly formed, Arina needs to receive a massage, attend a swimming pool and do special exercises.

With the help of Orphan Children of Maidan & ATO and local volunteers, it became possible to buy Arina a gymnastic ladder which is necessary for her physical development.