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Moya Ukraine Inc

Anna-Maria Kymovych from Lviv

We met a very pretty and clever 15-year-old girl Anna-Maria Kymovych from Lviv city.

Anna has recently lost her mother and lives with her dad. She still hasn’t recovered from the loss, but now she needs to save energy and take good care of herself.

Anna suffers from a genetic disorder mucoviscidosis which led to complications and pancreatic deficiency. This causes a significant delay in her physical development. During our visit to Anna, we were both happy to meet such a smart girl, and upset, seeing how she struggles due to her disease.

The treatment and medicines are very expensive – almost 4000 USD per year. Anna’s father Ruslan does his best to buy the necessary medicine in time. He hopes for the help of kind people. Ruslan dreams to take his daughter abroad for treatment as it might help her to recover.

When we met Kymovych family, we could not stay aside. We hope that our donation will help in achieving the big goal. If you would like to join and help Anna, send us a message.