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Moya Ukraine Inc

Help right before the Easter holidays

It has been two months since we met Alla Tovarnytska from Chervone (Zolochiv district) for the first time.

Her husband, Ruslan Tovarnytskyy, took part in the ATO and returned safely home. They have two young sons. Alla cannot get a permanent job as she has to take care of kids and she doesn’t have any relatives to ask for help. Thus the only family income is Ruslan’s salary.

On top of that, last year when Ruslan was in ATO, the family got in big trouble. The roof of their old house had to be disassembled as it was in critical condition. Fortunately, thoughtful people from their village helped out and the roof was restored. However, they still had a problem with the kitchen – it was in very bad condition.

We couldn’t stay aside and decided to help the family of the hero. We purchased all the necessary materials (tiles, adhesives, primers, paints, etc.) and organized repair work. Additionally, we bought kitchen furniture and a cooker hood.

Here are the pictures of the kitchen before and after 🙂 Thanks to everyone who helped us!

We are happy that we managed to arrange this gift for the Tovarnytsky family before the Easter holidays! We wish a very happy Easter to all of you! Do good stuff – it is a pleasure!