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Family of Volodymyr Krohmal

It has been 2 years since a young boy Volodymyr Krohmal lost his daddy. The boy’s father, Krohmal Volodymyr, was a commander of a tank of the 51st Mechanized Brigade.

On June 18, 2014, the tank of the 51st brigade was ambushed by the terrorists on the outskirts of the Stanytsia Luhanska village. The snipers broke the sighting units and the periscopes, making the tank completely helpless. It could only shoot randomly.

Not willing to be taken captive and let the terrorists capture the fighting machine, the crew decided to blow up the tank.

After his death, Volodymyr left behind his old parents and his young son Volodymyr (born 2010) who is a sincere and smart little boy with sad eyes. This September the boy just started school but he already knows that he wants to become a military officer, like his dad.

The family of the deceased soldier lives in Piatydni village (Volyn region) and is very grateful for the support.