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Family of Ruslan Kotsiuk

Ruslan Kotsiuk was a senior lieutenant, a soldier of the 3rd Battalion of the 51st separate mechanized brigade, and a commander of the reconnaissance unit.

Ruslan was drafted into the military on April 11, 2014. On August 29, 2014, he was killed during the breakout from the encirclement near Ilovaysk (Donetsk region).

Ruslan’s widow Ivanna, together with their 6-year-old daughter Maria and 16-year-old son Ihor live in the Dzhuryn village (Ternopil region). Ihor likes reading and always helps his mother with the housework. Maria likes drawing.

We’ve met with the family of the Hero to support them. They will gladly accept any assistance as the family doesn’t have a water supply, heating, or a washing machine in their house. They burn wood to heat up the rooms. The most cherished dream of the kids is to have their father back. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Nevertheless, we believe that kind people could help fulfill at least those dreams that can come true. One of such dreams is a new bed for Maria.