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Moya Ukraine Inc

Family of Ruslan Kalush

A 13-years old boy Andriy lives and studies in the Lypliany boarding school for children who require enhancement of their physical and mental development, situated in the Volyn region.

He is the son of Ruslan Kalush, a deceased soldier of the 51st brigade from Ozertse village. Ruslan was killed in a land mine blast together with his fellow soldiers near Petrivske village (Donetsk region) on August 1, 2014.

Andriy needs special care and warmth. He can see his mother only during vacations or on some weekends, and now he will not have a chance to see his beloved father ever again.

The boy remembers his dad very well and knows that he is a Hero. Andriy has a big heart and is in need of love and care. So we met him to show our support!